Shawn’s Temple Boxes are created by Shawn Johnson of Kingwood, Texas. Shawn has been working with wood since he was a boy. He was inspired to create his Salt Lake Temple box when preparing a lesson for an “Empty Nester” family home evening gathering in early 2012. As part of an object lesson, each person who attended was gifted with a temple box filled with chocolates. Suggestions and requests for other Temple Boxes started that same night and Shawn has been building Temple Boxes ever since. Each new creation added to the number of temple boxes, until his wife, Mary Lou, said that he needed to get them out of the house. So, this website has been created to help get them out.

Shawn and his wife are both temple workers in the Houston Texas temple. Together they have visited almost 50 of the church’s temples. “I love the temple and enjoy creating my Temple Boxes. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands”, Shawn says. Shawn has skillfully worked to bring his dream to life, which is to share his love of the temple with the world. He already has plans for more temples to expand the selection. If you would like to see a different temple added to those already available, follow the link at the top of the page to request one.

The Houston LDS Temple