• Cedar City Temple Box

Cedar City Temple Box


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I included the 23 windows and 1 door in each side of the Cedar City, Utah temple in my original temple box design. I also included the 8 or 9 windows and 1 door (plus the tablature) in each of its ends. However, after madding its end walls, I had to scale back on my design and eliminate the windows and doors on the side walls because including them was going to greatly increase the time and variability of the fabricating process, not to mention adding 30 parts to the total. Besides, the Cedar City temple has some unique features such as its tower and an open area on its roof, both of which I mimicked in my rendition of this beautiful temple. The Cedar City temple box has 66 parts and measures 4” x 8½“ x 7½“., with a box capacity of about 57 in³. It is made primarily of pine with some birch plywood.

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