Draper Temple Box
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Draper Temple Box


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The Draper temple sits on the side of a mountain. It is a split level with about ⅓ of it on the upper part of the slope and the rest accessed from the lower part. In other words, it was going to be too difficult to make my temple box to mimic that look, so I opted to make it just the height of the upper level. The Draper temple box was also a challenge due to its complicated interfaces around the central spire. It is also amongst the few that have an entry in my rendition. All in all, I think I came pretty close to an accurate representation of reality. The Draper temple box is comprised of 82 pieces and measures 5½” x 7½ ” x 6¾”, with a box capacity of just under 21 in³. It is made of pine, with some maple and birch plywood.

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