Ft. Lauderdale Temple Box
  • Ft. Lauderdale Temple Box

Ft. Lauderdale Temple Box


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The Ft. Lauderdale Florida temple has a couple of features that gave me pause in making it. I had made my design for it a couple of years ago, but waited until I felt more capable of rendering it properly. The features are its curved, arch-covered entry walkway, and its curved side and back walls with arched windows. Since I had finally done a similar walkway in the Sacramento California temple box, and the curved walls in the Payson Utah temple box, I decided it was time to flip the proverbial switch on Ft. Lauderdale. The end result was a temple box with 46 arched windows and doorways, and a dual compartment with a single lid. The Ft. Lauderdale temple box is comprised of 43 pieces and measures 6½” x 7” x 4⅜”, with a box capacity of just over 15 in³.  It is made of pine and birch.

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