• Vernal Temple Box

Vernal Temple Box


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The Vernal Utah temple was the first one to be created by repurposing an existing tabernacle. I figured out early on while designing the Vernal temple box, that it would be both simple yet challenging. For example, it only has 40 parts making it rather simple. But while the cupolas are only made of 4 parts each, they each represented 40 separate cuts with my table saw, miter saw and router, in other words, challenging. And that does not even address the roof! Adding all of its windows would have been way too complicated, but I included as many as I could in its ends and wings. Then there was the entrance feature that adds its own bit of style at one end. The Vernal temple box measures 4½” x 7½” x 6½” and has a storage capacity of just under 14 in³, making it one of my smaller volume boxes. The Vernal temple box is made of pine and birch.

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