Portland Temple Box
  • Portland Oregon Temple Box

Portland Oregon Temple Box


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The Portland Oregon temple raised the bar even further in regards to complexity with its 10 towers, 6 of which have spires and 9 of which are incorporated into its exterior walls. The towers/spires of the temple box each took 8 to 11 parts to make, for a total of 98 parts for them alone. Its single lid lifts off to reveal two separate storage compartments. Also, each of the main roof slopes is cut from a single piece of plywood so the wood grain matches across the cuts for the lid (a process called “sequencing”). The Portland temple box now takes the place as the most challenging to make yet, as well as having the most parts. However, in spite of all this I had a lot of fun making the Portland temple box, which has 131 parts, measures 19½” x ¾ ”x 6⅛”, with a box capacity of almost 37 in³. It is made of pine and birch plywood.

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