Sacramento Temple Box
  • Sacramento Temple Box

Sacramento Temple Box


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The Sacramento California temple is another of the “small” temples, but it possesses a unique feature that made it a bit of a challenge to render into a temple box. In fact, I had put off making it until some good friends of mine had relatives coming into town for Christmas from the Sacramento area, and they wanted to gift them with a temple box. I went into high gear and forged ahead with my version of the Sacramento temple box. The unique feature is its curved arch-covered entry walkway. The spire of the Sacramento temple is also a bit unique and the box has 3 separate compartments. I was pleased with the outcome and got it ready for my friends just in time for Christmas. The Sacramento temple box includes just 45 parts, but 42 arches. It measures 6” x 10¾” x 6” (giving it the biggest footprint of all the “small” temple boxes, and has a box capacity of just over 21 in³ . It is made primarily of pine with some birch plywood.