San Diego Temple Box
  • San Diego Temple Box

San Diego Temple Box


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This is my second version of the San Diego California temple box. Since making it the first time, my skills have greatly improved and I have developed ways to incorporate features into my creations that I wanted to utilize in an upgrade of San Diego.  This temple has special significance to me because the San Diego temple is where my wife and I were sealed.  This box now has 81 pieces (a significant increase over its previous 56), but as near as I could count it took over 600 cuts with my table saw and router to shape all the pieces! And that was opting to not include more details that would have added another 20 pieces along with another 100 cuts. The San Diego temple box has grown to 7” x 7” x 7⅛”, with almost 36 in³ of storage.  It is mostly white pine, with some birch plywood.

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