Snowflake Temple Box
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Snowflake Temple Box


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The mother of a missionary who previously served in my home ward requested a temple box for the Snowflake temple for his upcoming marriage. At first glance, this temple looks like the “Small Temple” design, but it is actually quite different and altogether unique. The Snowflake temple was built into a hillside so that it has two floors on its east side, but only one on its west. It also has two distinctly different colors of granite on its exterior. In order to render it appropriately, I used two colors of wood on the Snowflake temple box, darker color mahogany on the bottom floor and lighter color pine on the top. It required 66 parts to construct and involved a lot of sanding to make the two types of wood as seamless as possible. The Snowflake temple box measures 7¼” x 4½” x 6½” and offers almost 40 in³ of storage capacity. As mentioned above, this box is made of mahogany and pine with some birch plywood.

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